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November 14, 2019

Are you walking the way of the spirit or the way of the wounded? The path glistening in sovereignty or the path laced in fear?

I often ask myself, ‘What is my inspiration for living?’ I seldom get a solid answer. Is it to manifest all my desires in the material world, or to reduce them to know my most authentic self? I face a constant battle between fighting my fear of visibility and retreating into solitude.

I loop around the same idea often; to discover the depth of my heart and my intention for being. But I question how I can integrate the many aspects of what seems like living in an apocalyptic 21st century while staying entirely in my body, with soul ascension in mind, in order to know my truth?

You can and you can’t. And this is how I know.

If the inspiration for living is to know the real You, not the you that you wish to be or ‘know’ yourself to be, but the You that stands in the face of life and chooses the path of the spirit, the path of pilgrimage, the path of truth and integrity, then you need to be exactly where you are. In the spotlight, in the Middle World, deep in the test of your true character.

Life will bring to you everything you need for growth in the form of deception, misdirection and disappointment. Still, you always decide if those lessons keep you shackled in your prison or turn into the transformation of your being. How else to know if you can handle what you’ve consciously set in motion?

…By living through it, and moving from it.

Then you get to meet You. The You, that tells you where to go when you are in deep silence. The You, that picks up your broken pieces when you can’t take anymore. The You, that whispers in your ear and says, ‘you got this.’ The You that is all the strength and courage you need — the You that has the direction to go it alone.

It’s You that is desperately wanting to walk the spirit path, but it’s you that remains stuck playing the same games. You may not know the difference until you learn that all that glitters there will not turn to gold. And your truth remains here when you meet the hard floor of your shallow waters.

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