The tale of spice & tea: how differences can unite everyone

December 17, 2018

Too often we spend time with people who arrogantly chose to overlook the qualities that make us, intrinsically us. Why? Many reasons why – but one I have experienced enough times to write about, is this.

We all set standards for ourselves, we all have different reasons to justify what we consider a successful or perfect human being to be. Whether that’s self-directed which leads us to personal success or directed onto humanity through our ability to discern right from wrong. We are all different and that to me makes us as humanity, one.

Consider every person on this planet a piece of the jigsaw. Hell – that’s a pretty big jigsaw. Everybody has their own shape and colour. Everyone brings something to the collective piece and everything is as it should be – great.

Granted most of the pieces won’t fit with each other – they are all shaped differently but that certainly does not take away from the value each piece holds. They’re all perfect and do not need to be anything other than what they are.

Now here is the problem. Why do people still arrogantly overlook the qualities that make us, us? Some pieces of the jigsaw may or may not inhibit god-complex-like behaviours. And look at those that do not fit their moulds as inadequate, incomplete, even imperfect purely because they do not fit any of the requirements that make them whole.


OK – let us not assume the worst. Maybe this jigsaw piece doesn’t have a god-complex. Perhaps from afar, it saw another piece with a beautiful round curve and a sparkle every time it turned on its edge. Something quite different from itself in a way. So it proceeds to entertain this beautifully rounded jigsaw piece and tries to interlock it with itself.

The curves, the edges, they do not really match and so it starts to meddle. Breaking off the curves, smoothening out the edges. At the same time showering it with both admiration and disapproval at what the jigsaw piece originally was and what it had become.

“Why aren’t you shaped the same way I am?”

“Wow, I’ve never seen this before.”

“If you show more enthusiasm, maybe this will work?”

“You are not like the other pieces.”

“Go and fix yourself and then we can try again.”

Oh. My. God.

What is going on here?

Who celebrates and puts down the exact same thing? To appreciate its uniqueness but dismay at its lack of fit-ability? And then attempt to change it because it can’t be possible that this piece was perfect on its own.

Oh my god, indeed.

Let’s call this god-complex/meddler piece, Tea – and the now very confused cardboard piece – because it certainly doesn’t look like a part of the jigsaw anymore – Spice. The person completing the puzzle is yep, the Universe.

The universe doesn’t like it when you meddle and try to change what is already perfect just to satisfy your need to feel whole.

You also cannot disregard another jigsaw piece because it’s not like you or everyone else.

You cannot reduce it to that which only satisfies you.

There is so much more Spice can do. The other pieces will feel the absence of Spice as Spice is a crucial part of the whole. And Spice will not be able to find her tribe. Spice doesn’t even know what she looks like anymore. Spice needs to be Spice but Tea turned her into Spice-Tea. And now, it’s ruined.

I am heartbroken for Spice, really.

There is good news though. Tea and Spice, along with all the other jigsaw pieces actually amount to much more than just a piece on the board.

Spice will re-form her edges and Tea will feel rightfully whole in time because jigsaw pieces are magical pieces. They evolve, they forgive and understand beyond measure.

Capable of reaching incredible heights if they can remember that differences mean complete in every single way.

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