Your life exists in the unknowable

June 17, 2019

To some, using your intuition might look like jumping to conclusions (hey, left-brainers). While it is a jump, it certainly isn’t just that. An unexplainable phenomenon that functions in quantum leaps sounds about right.

Intuition is not accumulated knowledge. It doesn’t go through a journey, or a proven process like intelligence does, It is just a point that you arrive at, unknowingly.

Your intellect feels this enormous gap, and it cannot make sense of it because it practically functions in an entirely different plane of existence.

Intuition can penetrate intelligence.

But intelligence cannot penetrate intuition.

Intuition exists in a place where intellect is totally unaware. To explain it would be to reduce it. It does not recognize words or meaning. It can be felt but it cannot be explained and trying to use intelligence to make sense of it is pretty darn impossible, if not wholly insulting.

So, how can you know this unknowable? By knowing knowledge itself is a barrier to truly knowing.

Come again? I hear you ask…

The greater the knowledge, the greater the distance in all aspects of life, especially intuition. I’m not saying not to consume knowledge, instead, don’t let knowledge consume you. Know that your intelligence isn’t you, and learn to let it go if need be to achieve oneness and closeness.

But who is trying to reach anywhere, right?

Well, something far deeper exists than knowledge. And you’ll find it not by seeking, but in surrendering and accepting.

Intuition is something that happens way beyond understanding. To trust yourself in using your intuition means fully letting go of the expectation that everything must make sense.

Quote attributed to Albert Einstein by author R. Samples. (Image via
Quote attributed to Albert Einstein by author R. Samples. (Image via

Intuition lies in the unknowable; not in the known, not in the unknown.

Surrender the process and your expectations, let go of the outcome, release your knowledge and the desire to understand or for things to be ‘right’.

With all good intentions to do the right thing, we thoroughly dishonour ourselves many times over by refusing to release our intellect or what we know to be ‘true’. Using reason and our logical brain to make sense of the unknowable is actually the ultimate contradictory.

While the world chooses to ignore intuition and praise intelligence, I implore you to acknowledge the unknowable because that’s where life really exists. Not in the known and not in the unknown.

And conjuring up fights within ourselves in this way creates more distance and even more of a barrier to truly knowing and truly living.

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