Hi, i’m Fai

I have been exploring the depth of my being for most of my life. I have been fortunate enough to experience what some may call the lowest of lows. I accept that. I more than accept that, I welcome it. My highest self is found in the lowest of my being, and it is in the depths of my darkness that I am able to excavate the best of me. And I’ve been silently digging ever since I can remember. 


I’m always seeking experiences that allow me to be in my full expression, always.  It’s meant that I’ve favoured writing in isolation over engaging and connecting with others. And that’s OK with me. There’s a time for everything. 


I live my life following some basic yet complex rules which you may find scattered on this site. I mean, my astrological chart and Human Design wouldn’t have it any other way. At any given point, you are likely to find me in a small house in the jungle, self-reflecting, writing, and finding ways to lighten my load. 


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