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Hey ya’ll, i’m Fai. Thanks for stopping by.

I write to heal, to feel deeper into my human experiences, to explore the relationships around me, and to love. To stay so deeply in love and connected to the world, its people, and me.

I believe storytelling can heal and inspire both the writer and the reader. Wild.fai is a collection of my honest reflections on exploring authenticity, navigating emotions, practicing self-care, and self-discovery.

This journey is wild. Welcome. 


Let’s Get Personal..

What takes up most of your time?

I am a prolific daydreamer – it has its benefits. I exercise my creativity in many ways.  I’m a creature of habit. I’m forever inclined to write to-do lists, but not as much as I am to tear it up and go with the flow. That being said, I treasure the flow state and I induce that -ish wherever possible. It means I do more in less time and that makes me feel alive. I spend a lot of time basking in activities that bring me the monayyy shmonaayy…. no, I  really mean wisdom – connecting with my Oracle deck, meditating, doing yoga, reading, writing and building one on one relationships.


What are your gifts to the world? 

I will bring beauty, wisdom, compassion, and regalness everywhere I go. It really is a gift and you’ll know it if you hang out with me. I’ll often know something without having any prior experience to it. This knowing comes through dreams, intuitive messages, or instincts. At the moment I’m refining my energy medicine and healing too. If you trust me, I can probably help guide you in life. That’s on you to recognize. 


How do you uplift those around you?

Friends and family flock dis way to feel empowered, see a different perspective and be in the moment. I work towards being a neutral space for others, emotionally and energetically. Being in a state of neutrality helps attune my awareness to my own projections and triggers. Unless of course, I am deep in my emotional wave, then I can’t tend to you and it’s best you give me a few days in solitude.


You’re so elusive. What do you do for a living? 

I feel I am cursed by this question any time I’m asked because sometimes I don’t know how to respond, haha.

I am a freelancer; a digital strategist, a web designer, a virtual assistant, a writer, an English and cultural arts teacher (only in the Summer), and an occasional advisor and shoulder to cry on. I wouldn’t say I’m a jack of all trades… In fact, I’m a multi-hyphenate. Google it.

At this present moment, my main gig is working with soulpreneurs in the spiritual wellness industry bringing their creative vision to life (read: building membership sites, launching online courses, email marketing and implementing processes and systems). I’ve got a services website ya’ll!


Girl, where are you from you look exotic!

Firstly don’t describe people as looking exotic. As much as we’d love to be, we’re not mangoes, you know? I was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in London, but I am fully from Eritrea. I’m going to add a link here for your reading pleasure in a minute.  I left London in 2016 and have been traveling and living, albeit slowly around the world.





Guadalajara, Mexico



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